Linear Regression

Machine Learning

Linear Regression is a supervised learning algorithm used in regression tasks. In this post we’ll see what is regression and understand what linear regression is and how it works.We’ll also implement it with sklearn.

February 3, 2018

Transfer Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Transfer Learning is a very powerful idea in machine learning. In transfer learning we take knowledge , a neural network learned from one task and apply it to the other task. “Transfer learning will next driver of machine learning success” says Andrew Ng, at his famous NIPS 2016 tutorial

January 20, 2018

Neural Network: Learning

Neural Network

In the last blog post we saw what a neural network is ,it’s representation and the maths behind it(To check that blog post,click here). We didn’t talk about how this neural network actually learns. We have a design for a neural network, but how can it learn to do something? The first thing we will […]

January 6, 2018