Pandas Library for Data Manipulation

Data Analysis, Machine Learning

Data analysis is one of the most empowered part of Data Science, and when it comes to data analysis then Python’s Pandas Library just couldn’t be skipped.

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Introduction to Tensorflow – 2 : Building a Neural Network with Tensorflow

Neural Network, Platforms

In this article we will build a neural network in tensorflow to classify hand written digits. Tensorflow is an open source library by google, developed by google brain team and Neural network is the core algorithm behind deep learning .

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Python NumPy Package

Machine Learning

In this blog, we will be discussing some basic operations and techniques of NumPy package in Python. This concept is totally for beginners though some basic syntax knowledge of Python syntax would be great.

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Student Performance Analysis

Classification, Data Analysis, Data Science, Machine Learning, Projects

In this post I’m going to analyze the factors affecting student’s performance in the final exams and in the end of the post, I’ll use logistic regression to predict whether the student passes the exam or not usingĀ attributes like demographic, social and school related features . If you are unfamiliar with logistic regression or need […]

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