Convolutional neural networks : CNN explanation and Implementation

Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Neural Network

Convolutional neural network ( CNN ) is a type of neural network architecture specially made to deal with visual data. It is very much similar to ordinary ANNs , i.e they are made up of artificial neurons and have learnable parameters. In this article we will discuss the architecture of CNN and implement it on […]

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Data Visualization using Python’s MatplotLib Library

Data Science, Data Visualization

When it comes to the Data Science stream then Data Visualization is equally important with Data Analysis. Sometimes, we understand the data even better by looking it through plots and figures. And this way we can analyze it more effectively once we connect with it via the visual representation. This is not something which I’m […]

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Pandas Library for Data Manipulation

Data Analysis, Machine Learning

Data analysis is one of the most empowered part of Data Science, and when it comes to data analysis then Python’s Pandas Library just couldn’t be skipped.

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Introduction to Tensorflow – 2 : Building a Neural Network with Tensorflow

Neural Network, Platforms

In this article we will build a neural network in tensorflow to classify hand written digits. Tensorflow is an open source library by google, developed by google brain team and Neural network is the core algorithm behind deep learning .

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Neural Network: Learning

Neural Network

In the last blog post we saw what a neural network is ,it’s representation and the maths behind it(To check that blog post,click here). We didn’t talk about how this neural network actually learns. We have a design for a neural network, but how can it learn to do something? The first thing we will […]

January 6, 2018